Proper Winter Maintenance is more affordable than a Lawsuit!

Reducing the Liability of an accident due to ice or snow is extremely important to every property owner. Greencoast has been providing Winter Maintenance Services for Local Bussinesses, Fire Departments, Churches, and Manufacturing Facilities. Several of which require maintenance 24/7. We provide deicing for sidewalks and parking lots, shovel laboring, and machinery for removing snow accumulation. We will also export by dumptruck when snow accumulation becomes to much to pile on site.


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High Quality De-Icing Salt  Bulk or Bucket

Give our deicing product a try, we are confident you will be back for more! This product is sold in many formats such as bulk by the ton, 50lb, your 5 gallon bucket, or we also provide the product in buckets made of recycled plastic. Call today for pricing. 717-445-4667



Accesibility is Key - Fill your spreader here!

A loader will be available at all hours during a storm event for self serve. There is a record sheet where you can simply  write down the amount you recieved and be on your way. The yard gate will remain unlocked well before and after a storm event for your convenience. Cameras observe all activities within the yard.

Product Features

  • High Purity Level of 99.7% Sodium Chloride
  • Larger Particle Size for Lasting Effect, only 5% fines
  • 100 Parts Per Million YPS Declumping Agent Additive, to help reduce clogging in spreaders and pile crust
  • Low Moisture Level
  • Safe on Concrete and around pets when used correctly.

Go green with our recycled plastics bucket, which we will refill for half price.

Bulk Delivery Available, Call Today!

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